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An important aspect of planning your wedding is hiring a good photographer. This can be one of the most

crucial decisions that you will make when choosing your vendors. Since photographs will give you the opportunity to relive your wedding for many years to come, make sure you choose wisely.


Your wedding pictures will become precious memories and mementos for your children and grandchildren to enjoy, why not choose the best possible photographer you can. Even if you have to reach a little above your budget, your pictures are not the place to skimp.




The style of the photographer can be an important part of your decision. When looking for your wedding photographer, research websites and portfolios. Most reputable wedding photographers will include a portfolio of their work on their website. Here is where you can see their technical style of picture taking.


A popular style today is digital photography. This style is often used to enhance pictures and can be used to display color and black and white in photographs. Some photographers still utilize traditional picture taking, or can combine these two styles to your pictures. Deciding which style you prefer, can help you in choosing the right photographer for you.


Know what's included


As you begin your research, you will realize that many photographers will post their pricing in a package. Packages can range from extensive and expensive to more affordable with less included. Knowing your budget can help you choose the right package. If a parents album or a large framed photo of you is important to you then make sure that they are included. If not, check the pricing for extras. This way you can inform family and friends of the prices if they decide to order something extra after your wedding.


Be prepared


When interviewing photographers, as well as after you make your decision, have a list with you. When you know exactly what pictures you want taken, this takes a lot of pressure of you on your wedding day. Things get chaotic during your reception and the last thing you want to have to worry about is if all of the pictures you wanted taken are done.


If you have a list of pictures that you definitely want done this will make everything easier. Present this list to your photographer prior to you leaving a deposit and signing a contract. This way, there is no confusion about exactly what you want done. If having several candid shots of you and your husband are important to you, then write that down. If you want several still shots of your bridal party or your elderly grandmother, then put it on your list as well.


Your wedding pictures are your only way to relive your special day. Since many women plan their weddings several months in advance, you want to be sure to do all you can to have this day preserved. Even though it takes months of planning, the short time of your wedding day will go by very quickly. Be sure that your photos depict exactly what you worked so hard to put together.