The professional photographers experience of our service.....some have been with us for more than three years now.


"Hi Jim, This couple also have confirmed a booking with me. Sorry I havent kept up to date with my feedback to you, as you can imagine it has been a pretty manic time of the year. I am definitely very pleased with the response I have had from using your service. Thanks, Dean Robson  RT Weddings."


“Jim has been an excellent resource in finding leads for my international photography business. He is quick to forward the lead and personable in every interaction. I feel he has my best interest at heart. i would highly recommend Jim.” September 2, 2009 Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time. Greg Allen



“Jim always adds the personal touch, and answers emails promptly. he works tirelessly to build up his wedding photography site, and gets an amazing number of interesting overseas weddings for us, which means we get to travel and meet lovely people all over the UK/ world. He is often working beyond the call of duty, so often get emails from him at midnight and beyond, which all goes to show how dedicated he is to his craft. He is also very fair and understanding the needs of his advertisers, and helps them in every way possible. great guy all round - even though we have not yet met in person, we talk through emails. I was in Australia for a client's wedding when Jim sent me an enquiry for a wedding in a Château in France, so no sooner was I back in the UK then, I was off again on another wedding adventure, full of interesting people, light and beauty. He has recently sent me one for Gambia so I look forward to possibly covering that wedding too. I would like to recommend him to future clients and advertisers. Go for it! xx Elaine” July 21, 2009. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

Elaine Borges-Ibanez, ReelLife Photos.



“I have worked with Jim's since 2007 and have found him to provide a first class service at a very reasonable cost. He is always extremely friendly, helpful and constuctive in his interaction and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services.” July 29, 2009. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity.

Russ Brierley



'Hats off to you Jim!  After my initial scepticism, I seem to have secured one wedding straight away. Cheers! All the best, Andy Townley.'


'Ooh Just got a booking from Sara & Liam who are getting married in May!!  Thank you so much that's brilliant!' Nix Ogier, south west France.


'That's a great price, can we go on the Home Page, how much does that cost?.....reserve us a space for 12 months please Jim, Deyan loves the site. Tracy of Deyan Photography, Australia.


'Definately, Jim, Count me in, you're coming up well for Spain, Italy and NYC as far as I an see.' Jeremy Standley.


'Lots of London and south east Weddings recently Jim, thanks, keep the enquiries coming! And I'm back to my native NYC in a few short weeks too! I think being an American in London is going to work out just fine for me....' Greg Allen.


'Jim, put us down for the next 12 months too please whilst we're in touch. All the best and Happy 2010 to you.'

Elie Bernagger'



And these are the Brides and Couples experiences of our service.........



'Mimi Banks...'Jim, just wanted to say what a great service this is, we've had a bit of a nightmare trying to find a suitable photograher, someone in our price range whose work we like. After using your service emailing you our requirements yesterday, several photographers for the region have been in touch this morning and I have already set up meetings with four of them, it's going to be a very tough choice. What an excellent service, thank you!'


Unknown Bride...'Hello, just wanted to say I thought we would never find a photographer for our wedding Gambia, thank you so much, we are almost ready to book and loved the choices and quality of the photographers you put us in touch with, when I couldn't find anyone doing Destination Weddings for Africa, Gambia in particular. You should do this for all wedding types of services, not just photographers, it's brilliant.'


'Superb service Jim, and all the better for being free of course! We have now settled on a photographer from your site having met him in Oxford last month, I now feel confident booking him from Dubai for a wedding in New York.......he's a great guy with great work, very confident now we've got the right photographer, so thank you.' Dan and Fleur.